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Terms And Conditions For Ipswich Boot Camps


The contract shall commence on the date of our acceptance of your application form and shall continue in force for the intial term after which it shall automatically continue on a monthly basis, until terminated in accordance with clause 7 below.



We shall use reasonable endavours to provide the services but you acknowledge that our ability to provide the services may be affected by circumstances beyond our control.



You agree to be bound by and observe and perform the members rules found in the boot camp bible and acknowledge that we may amend the members rules at any time at our discretion.



4.1 - We will not increase the charges at any time during your contract.
4.2 - Where you are required to pay a membership fee as specified on your application form and you have failed to pay the membership fee by the due date and it remains unpaid after 14 days, you must pay us an administration charge of £10.



You may apply to freeze your membership for a minimum of one month and a maximum period of twelve months by giving one full calendar month’s written notice to us. In the ‘freezing’ period you will be required to pay £7.95 per month until you return to the boot camp and see out the remainder of your contract.



You may bring guests to boot camp. We will charge you a guest fee of £10 or your guest can download a free guest pass from our website. Each guest must fill in the relevant forms which includes the pre-exercise questionnaire and you must stay with your guests and make sure that they comply with these terms and conditions (where this applies). Each guest may only use one guest pass, after which they must become a member.

We may restrict guest admission at certain peak times. Please check before you visit the boot camp to make an appointment to be sure we will accept your guests.

We can refuse your guest entry to the boot camp for reasons of health and safety or if your guest does not comply with the relevant parts of the terms and conditions.



When you have applied for a three, six or twelve month contract you are required to give one full calendar month’s written notice of termination. In all cases, the notice period will start from the end of the month in which cancellation is notified.



If you attend 12 boot camp sessions in the duration of one full calendar month and you have complied with the boot camp bible diet and are not happy with the results you have achieved you will be entitled to a refund for that particular month you have paid for.

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