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Have Any Questions About Ipswich Boot Camps?

Check out these frequently asked questions… and if they don’t answer your question feel free to call Ruel on 07534 400 670

  • q-iconI am over weight, unfit and have not exercised for a long time, is this suitable for me?

    YES! The beauty of Ipswich boot camps is you work at your own ability, no matter your ability no one gets left behind. It is our job to get you fitter, lose body fat and most importantly enjoy the experience at your pace.

  • q-iconIs it hard?

    YES! The word boot camp gives it away. The sessions are designed to push you beyond your comfort zone (but not destroy your confidence!). You will work harder than going to the gym on your own whilst being motivated and having a giggle.

  • q-iconI don’t like running, will I like it?

    YES! You never run for more than 100 meters at any point in the workouts, but you will burn plenty of calories. The sessions are delivered in a fun, game orientated manner in order to help you get into great shape without even knowing you are exercising!

  • q-iconI feel too unfit and do not want to feel out of place?

    Nearly everyone feels like that at first! But nothing is more inspiring than working out with like-minded individuals wanting to achieve the same goal. We have a real family atmosphere with plenty of banter and support from existing members. You are looked after and made to feel welcome by staff and members from the word GO.

  • q-iconWhat ages come to boot camp?

    Our youngest member is 16 and our oldest member is 63! The average person is between 30 – 40 years old. We have a huge range of ages, sizes and ability’s. The minimum age is 16.

  • q-iconWhat do I need to bring with me?

    Wear something comfortable that you do not mind getting dirty. Joggers, t-shirt or sports wear is ideal. Wear a good pair of trainers that will support and cushion your feet, NOT fashion trainers. Females are advised to wear a sports bra. Bring a big bottle of water to keep hydrated.

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